Hue: HSV in [0..359] [0..1]

Although there are a few color tools for designers and developers, most only provide color values from 0 to 255 or hex in the RGB color space. For the rest of us who work with HSV or HSB and need color values in the 0 to 1 range (which many modern development frameworks use), and the Hue value as an angle in the color wheel from 0 to 359, this tool provides the preferred values.

Screen Layout

The screen is divided into 3 sections:

TopSaturation goes from 0 to 1 from top to bottom
MiddleBelow the line, saturation is always 1 for simpler selection
BottomInfo Area (HSV & RGB values)

Quick Help

Simply move the mouse around the color spectrum to get the HSV values.

Click to show a distraction-free color swatch (note the two short saturation divider lines). Drag around to fine-tune the selected color.

Press the Shift key to lock the Saturation while dragging if needed.

Press the Command key to show both HSV & RGB values.

Press Command-C to copy the HSV & RGB values.

To change the Value (Brightness)

Move the mouse horizontally along the Info Text Area.

The Value is surrounded by brackets when the mouse moves.

To confirm, simply click the mouse to set it.

Another way to change the Value is by using the Up / Down arrow keys.

Press the H key for a quick help reminder.

This application aims to be minimalistic and simple to use. We hope you would find it useful as much as we do.

Hue ~ Copyright 2020 by Quantumwave Interactive Inc.

Please use the contact form for support.