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Welcome to our Shockwave Page

When the web was still young, this page generated a lot of interests from around the globe. Many web developers, Director programmers and game players visited this page for tips, info and games. You can now play some of our Shockwave games, and see some of the "historic" moments...



Below are a sample of the shockwave games we've developed (other non-shockwave games we've developed include commercial CD-ROM titles, educational titles, and games for corporations).


Fred Penner's Jukebox (Kaboose)

Full length children songs from Fred's CDs playing from a jukebox.


Discovery Channel

Crocodile Hunter Survival Squad
(High bandwidth recommended)

Clear the Track (Kaboose)

Match falling stones with many variations.



Memory game.



Matching McNugget Mansion


Go-Go Pets Racing (Ganz)

Simple racing game for kids.

Here are a few things which got us 15 minutes of fame (back in 1995-1997):

Controlling Shockwave with JavaScript Shockwave calling JavaScript

Please note that the information provided here were workaround solutions for Director 5 when it had no built-in method to communicate with the browser. Since Director 6, Macromedia has provided an alternative method for communicating with the browser. However, the methods shown here can still be used in Director 7 or 8 with Netscape browsers by calling JavaScript directly. Please note that for communicating with Internet Explorer, the built-in methods are recommended.

Both demo require the latest Director Shockwave plug-in and Netscape browser with JavaScript enabled!

Here's an article about this discovery.

Security hole - Reading files off the hard disk

This security hole was discovered to read files off a user's hard disk using Netscape with an earlier version of Shockwave plug-in. There's an article about this discovery in PC World magazine (July 97 issue - Page 55) and in various web sites.

To check your browser properties, try the browser properties page (requires JavaScript).

And now, for something totally different: my snowfall shockwave for the Direct-L contest! This tiny demo is here for old timers and a good laugh... the snow which used to fall gracefully, now drop like bullets on any decent computer!

Some of the older games (from 1996) have been removed. If you need to locate them, you can find Bouncing Miaws! in the following books (with source code): Shockwave! (published by Ventana), or Web Site Wizardry (published by Coriolis). Some other older games which were featured at Macromedia's ShockZone have also been retired.

Have a game idea? Or need to have a game created? Contact us for more information...

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