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Dave Yang's Online Résumé


Interactive media developer and founder of Quantumwave Interactive Inc. since 1993.

Experienced in rich internet application development, mobile UI, application and games development, corporate and consumer multimedia software development, interactive games and educational titles, CD-ROMs, touch-screen kiosks, computer-based training, and interactive presentation.

Speaker at various conferences. Instructor. Author and technical editor for software development books and web sites.

Object-Oriented Development, ActionScript 1-3, Flash Lite, Flash Remoting, XML, E4X, SOAP, JavaScript, Flex, ColdFusion, PHP, Ruby, JScript.NET, Java, Lingo, C#, ASP, JSP, HTML, DHTML, MXML, SQL, Visual Basic, Perl, CGI, C/C++, Pascal, Modula-2, REXX...
Systems & Hardware

Windows (from 3.1 to Vista, including workstations & servers), Mac OS (7 to X), Symbian S60, Nokia S40, BREW, Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, Palm OS, Linux, UNIX, MS-DOS, Solaris, Silicon Graphics/Irix, Amiga, CP/M, Vax, Honeywell & IBM Mainframes.

Networking, CD-ROM, DVD, Firewire, Interactive Laser Disc, VideoVision, Video Toaster...

Software Experiences

Macromedia/Adobe Flash (version 3 to CS3, advisory board & beta team), Flex 2.0 (beta team), Flash Lite (beta team), Apollo/AIR (beta team), Device Central, ColdFusion (version 4 to 7, beta team), Flash Media Server (beta team), Flash Remoting (beta team), Director / Shockwave (version 3 to MX 2004, beta team), Dreamweaver / UltraDev (version 1 to CS3, beta team), Central, Fireworks, HomeSite, FlashPaper.

Microsoft .NET framework with C# & JScript.NET, Active Server Pages (ASP), SQL Server, Internet Information Server (IIS), Visual Studio, Visual Basic, Access, ActiveX controls, eMbedded Visual Tools & SDK for Pocket PC.

Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Acrobat, Illustrator, Freehand, MotoDV, 3D Studio Max, Strata Studio Pro, Infini-D, Painter, DeBabelizer, Media Cleaner Pro, QuickTime Pro, SoundEdit Pro, SoundForge, Vegas Video, Sorenson Squeeze, ASV, SWFEncrypt.

Apache, MySQL, QR Code, Red Hat, Mandrake, Ubuntu Linux, JBuilder, Visual Cafe for Java, Forte for Java, XMLSpy, Wise Installation System, InstallShield, Installer VISE, FoxPro, mTropolis, RealBasic, Marionet.

InDesign, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Morph, 3D WalkThrough, LiveConnect, Borland Delphi, AutoCAD, Animator, CorelDraw, dBase, Pioneer Bar’n’Coder.

AmigaVision, Imagine, Aladdin 4D, Director, CanDo, OpalPaint, Deluxe Paint, Art Department, Image Master, Video Director, Benchmark Modula-2.

Wavefront 3D Animation System, TIPS, Pansophic Starburst II & Studioworks...

Programming Experiences
Rich Internet Applications, advanced ActionScript development, interactive multimedia CD-ROMs, Flash components, Shockwave, commercial educational titles and games, dynamic database-driven web site development, touch-screen kiosks, web-based multimedia and online games, telecommunication, database, client/server communication, remoting, applications and utilities...
Other Skills

2D & 3D animation, digital & analog video, digital & 35mm photography, graphic design, illustration, drawing, painting, spoken and written Cantonese/Chinese.

Problem solving using both technical and creative skills.


Education background in both fine art, graphic design, and computer programming:

Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 1982 - 1986
Computer Mathematics program.

Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 1986 - 1989
Communication & Design program.

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology,
School of Communication Arts, Ontario, Canada. Jan 1990 - Dec 1991
Computer Graphics - Technical Program (Co-op).

Dean's Honour List and High Honours.

Professional Experiences (present - 87)

Quantumwave Interactive Inc.
Founder & CEO, rich internet applications and mobile developer.

Polka Networks
Developed Flash Lite mobile and ActionScript 3 networked application.

Google / YouTube
Flash application development.

DnL Productions Inc.
Collaboration on Flash Lite UI development for mobile phone company.

FITC Design and Technology Festival
Speaker on Flash Lite and mobile development.

Adobe MAX conference (Seoul)
Speaker. Presentation on Flash mobile development "Connecting to external data services".

Adobe / The Weather Channel / Verizon Wireless
Developed Flash Lite 2.1 showcase application for BREW conference product launch.

Flash In The Can Festival
Panelist on mobile / Flash Lite development.

Rogers Cable Communications Inc.
Interactive Flash 8 video development.

PharmaComm Strategic Marketing
Flash 8 external interface API, usage tracking, custom API development.

WhiteSpace Advertising & Design Inc.
Flash 8 embedded document reader application development.

ENS eLearning Solutions Inc.
Flash Communication Server applications development.

America Online (AOL)
Flash client-server application development.

Flash In The Can Festival
Speaker. Presentation on OOP in ActionScript 2.0. Co-chaired an Ask the Experts panel on Object-Oriented Programming.

Environment Canada, Government of Canada
Flash data graphing/editing application development.

Flash In The Can Festival
Speaker. Presentation on OOP and Design Patterns.

Flash Forward conference (San Francisco)
Speaker. Presentation on OOP and Design Patterns.

MXNorth conference
Speaker. Presentation on Flash Remoting and ColdFusion MX.

IBM Blue Horizon conference
Speaker. Presentations on Flash design, and Flash applications development.

Nexolink Inc.
Developer and consultant on rich internet application.

CFNorth conference
Speaker. Presentation on Object Oriented Programming in Flash MX, Flash Remoting and ColdFusion MX.

Flash In the Can Festival
Speaker. Presentation on Object Oriented Programming in Flash MX.

Howry Design Associates (San Francisco)
Technical director. Web development and Flash programming.

New Riders Publishing
Technical editor for Branden Hall and Samuel Wan's Flash MX OOP book.
Book proposal reviews and recommendations.
Co-author for Flash MX Magic.

Technical editor for Robert Penner's Programming Flash MX book.

Peppermill Media
Flash game and application programming.

CFA Communications Ltd.
Disney CD-ROM development.

Exclusive Communications
Corporate CD-ROM programming.

Environment Canada
Flash games development.

Bay3000 Consulting
Web site development and consulting.

Threespot Media
Games development.

  • Discovery Channel - Crocodile Hunter game
  • McDonald's - Halloween game

Kraft Canada
Sole programmer for Kraft corporate CD-ROMs and game.

Kaboose.com, Inc.
Technical director, lead programmer.

  • Games and web site development
  • ColdFusion & SQL server database development

Digital Fusion Multimedia Corp.
Lead / sole programmer and technical consultant for cross-platform CD-ROMs, games and web sites including:

  • NBA Canada CD-ROM
  • AIM Funds CD-ROM and web site for kids
  • CECO Environmental corporate web site programming
  • Fred Penner's Company Coming CD-ROM (games and edutainment - published by Simitar Interactive)
  • Mazlo's Spelling Adventure CD-ROM (published by Compton's New Media & SoftKey)
  • Mazlo's Spelling Adventure - Volume 2 (published by Simitar Interactive)
  • Stretch Your Noodle ("You Don't Know Jack"-type quiz & arcade/action games for educating school children on nutrition)
  • Web site and Shockwave
  • American Management Association CD-ROM development
  • API web site CGI programming

Pitney Bowes
Interactive online advisor programming (Active Server Pages).

Partners Interactive / Partners Imaging / C.K. Movies
Lead programmer and technical consultant for corporate interactive media including:

  • Rogers Wave - Cable modem interactive sales presentation CD-ROM
  • EMCO - Corporate training (CBT) with searchable manual (including popup video & diagrams), quiz, scoring, user database, administration tools and encryption
  • Networks - Sears corporate interactive presentation
  • LAVA - Corporate interactive demo / presentation CD-ROM
  • Laptop interactive presentations

Medea Group
Lead programmer and technical consultant for corporate interactive presentations and web site:

  • Young Drivers of Canada/USA/Finland - corporate web site programming
  • VEC - interactive corporate presentation

Bell Centre for Creative Communications - Centennial College
Instructor and course curriculum development of a technical and multimedia class for the Digital Animation program. Topics include: UNIX, computer theories, computer graphics, video technology, animation, networking, programming, interactive multimedia, Shockwave, Java/JavaScript, HTML, web development, virtual reality...

Digital River Inc.
Programmer and technical consultant for the cross-platform CD-ROM: "Home for a Planet".

RP Creative
Miscellaneous cross-platform CD-ROM consulting and programming.

Trilogy Development Group (contract via Internet)
Interface design for a touch-screen kiosk with the Fortune 500 company.

Microplacement Inc.
Prototyping, video production, 3D modeling & animation, design and programming for the Art Gallery of Ontario kiosks.

Art direction, design and programming for projects such as Digital Convergence: The Information Superhighway Conference, Digital Imaging Conference, Digital Video Conference; CD-ROM production, multimedia presentations, graphic design and multimedia training.

Arc Media Inc.
Produced their first CD-ROM: "Automobile Registry 94" for worldwide distribution. Technical and multimedia consulting, interface design and sole programming.

Quadravision Communications
Created multimedia presentations, QuickTime and interactive CD-ROM based materials. 3D modeling, animation and Lingo programming.

MdN International (now IdN)
Interviewed the President & CEO of Macromedia and contributed articles on multimedia and design software for the international designer's magazine.

Invisions Productions Inc.
Multimedia production, technical support and training, network administration, conference and exhibition set design, 3D visualization and rendering.

Lightbox Animation
Conducted hardware and software evaluation into the use of computer graphics for this classical animation studio.

Seneca College
Trained the teaching committee of the Centre for Educational Effectiveness on designing and producing an international study guide.

Ministry of Housing (Metro Toronto Housing Authority)
Implemented database system (including programming, documentation, and training). Created presentation materials and reports.

Image Group
Learned Wavefront 3D animation system and produced animated shorts.

Visionary Design
Created promotional computer-animated demos for "Dragon's Lair", a real-time character animation computer game.

World of Commodore
Produced computer graphics for "Crickets", a multimedia presentation using a network of Amiga computers and virtual reality hardware.

Other Accomplishments

Invented the first method of communication between a Shockwave applet and JavaScript in the browser. An official method was later added to Macromedia Director.

Discovered a security hole in Netscape and Shockwave for accessing files on the local hard drive. Created sample code and worked with engineers at Macromedia to fix the security hole.

Invented a method to associate a movie clip with an ActionScript class in Flash 5. An official function was later added to Flash MX.

Macromedia Flash Advisory Board member and gold master releases candidate.

ActionScript Flash Developer Programmer Application Game Flash Lite Mobile Canadian Toronto Canada

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