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February 22, 2007

I'm glad to announce that I've invited Dongyub Lee from Seoul as a guest speaker at my FITC presentation this year on Flash Lite and Mobile Development. Dongyub is the CEO of DnL Productions, with offices in Seoul and Toronto. He created the Flash Lite user-interface for the iRiver U10 and Viliv P1. We'll be talking about the state of Flash Lite development, new devices and technologies, development process and look at some code.

February 9, 2007

Dave Yang will be speaking at FITC again this year, on Flash Lite and Mobile Development.

November 5 , 2006

Dave Yang was invited to present at the Adobe MAX conference in Seoul, South Korea (Nov 14-15). The topic of the presentation is "Connecting to External Data Services" (for Flash Lite). Here is the session description in English:

"Explore the process in developing Flash Lite 2 applications that connect to external live data and multimedia assets. View examples of XML/RSS, images, video, and light-weight transitions designed for mobile devices. See how object-oriented ActionScript 2.0 code segments bring these applications to life."

June 20, 2006

Dave Yang was invited to give a talk to the Advanced Digital Design post-graduate students at George Brown College in Toronto, on Flash Lite 2 mobile development. Topics covered include developing for BREW, Flash Lite projects and examples. Students are generally interested in mobile development. We also discussed briefly on location-based services, and mobile project ideas.

June 2, 2006

Adobe is showing some Flash Lite 2.1 prototype applications at the BREW 2006 Conference in San Diego - one of the applications was developed by us with a key Adobe partner, to demonstrate what is possible with Flash Lite on mobile phones. More info on Dave Yang's blog.

April 17, 2006

Dave Yang will be speaking at the Flash Lite / mobile development panel at Flash in the Can (April 21-23). More info of the panel here.

April 16, 2006

A large number of bounced email were received in recent weeks, with email addresses supposedly from our 'quantumwave.com' domain. For those who come here and wonder if we sent those spams: No we did not, and we never spam anyone. We are an interactive media / software development firm, and we don't sell <insert the common spam products here>.

Upon checking the spam email headers, we found that they were all sent from other servers in Europe, N. America, and Asia. We've already reported these to various ISPs. Our SMTP email server is secure and requires authentication; spammers can't access our server without proper account information. Please check your spam email header and report the source of the sender.

February 10, 2006

Flash Lite 2.0 - Click (near top of page) Launch Printable Datasheet for Flash Lite, see page 2, top right. 8-)

I (Dave Yang) recently gave a lecture on Flash Lite to the post-graduate IMM students at Sheridan College in Oakville. Most students seem interested in developing for mobile devices. Some questioned why use Flash instead of C or Java - my answer: rapid prototyping and developing, less code to write, visually more appealing, large number (somewhere between 1-2 million) of Flash designers/developers, and more devices with embedded Flash Lite coming this year.

September 27, 2005

Dave Yang will be presenting at the Flash in TO gathering tomorrow on Flash 8 features, including the new mobile emulator. For all the latest news, please visit his blog at swfoo.com.

April 13, 2004

Dave Yang's presentation at Flash in the Can on Object-Oriented Programming in ActionScript 2.0 can be found here, with links to photos and blog.

January 23, 2004

Once again, Dave Yang will be speaking at Flash in the Can this year. The topic is Object-Oriented Programming in ActionScript 2.0 (OOP in AS2). More info at the weblog.

October 1 , 2003

Ultrashock released a series of Flash MX 2004 tutorials, including one I wrote on ActionScript 2.0. See my blog for more info.

September 11 , 2003

Dave Yang's new blog is at swfoo.com!

August 25, 2003

Flash MX 2004 (and Studio MX 2004) announced! I'm glad to report that almost every item on my wish list for this version has been implemented, and there are a lot more new features that will make both designers, video professionals and developers happy.

For developers, ActionScript 2.0 is now the standard (although ActionScript 1.0 is still supported). ActionScript 2.0 is an object-oriented language based on the EMCAScript (ECMA-262) proposal, supporting traditional OOP language features such as: class, interface, class member access (public/private scoping), data typing, packages...etc. For application developers, ActionScript 2.0 is a must-have because it enforces compile-time checking to resolve potential bugs before runtime. The new syntax has some of the best features borrowed from Java and C#, even though it is still a scripting language that is backwards compatible with the previous version. Look out for more articles on ActionScript 2.0 in the coming weeks!

August 9, 2003

One of the projects under way (a Rich Internet Application built with Flash) is a tool for plotting and visually editing weather data for Environment Canada. I got Branden Hall involved with this project and he showed it at SIGGRAPH last week.

Old news (for my own record): "The Fusion Project, a global collaboration of designers..." My piece is under Conclave 02 - Collision Habitat (A).

August 4, 2003

ColdFusion MX 6.1 (Red Sky) updater is available. This is a significant update to ColdFusion MX: much better performance and lots of improvements. Kudos to the ColdFusion team!

July 27, 2003

I'll be away until August 4. Email and voice mail access will be limited or unavailable. If you happen to be here this week, say Hi... and thanks for all the fish!

July 19, 2003

Didn't make it to Flash Forward in New York City last week, but from what I've heard it was another successful conference.

Currently busy building a wizard for e-Learning. This project makes good use of XML and JSP because there's no support for Flash Remoting on the client's server. Using JSP to read and parse XML sent from Flash really makes me appreciate how easy ColdFusion is. This one line of CFML loads and parses XML (compare to lines of JSP code even with external tag libraries):

<cfset xml = XmlParse(GetHttpRequestData().content)/>

Here's are some articles and source files related to Blackboard and Macromedia technologies: http://www.macromedia.com/devnet/mx/blackboard/

May 1, 2003

The source files for the presentations at Flash Forward in San Francisco and Flash in the Can in Toronto have been posted. Before you download both, they are identical; so either one is all you need. The different pages are just for conference attendees who got these URLs previously.

Apr 18, 2003

Just posted some photos from the Flash in the Can festival, check them out here.

I spent four days staying downtown at the Westin Habour Castle Hotel (thanks to Shawn Pucknell, the main organizer of the festival), which really makes a difference.

The festival was great, meeting many new people, including Wavefront Technologies co-founder Mark Sylvester who now is the creative director of MixedGrill.net with COO Kymberlee Weil; their application Intro is definitely a great idea.

Looking forward to the next festival already!

Apr 11, 2003

Hope to see some more familiar faces at the Flash in the Can festival next week, where I'll be speaking on OOP and Design Patterns (and as a panelist and judge for the awards). For non-conference attendees, you can still go to the awards presentation and party (see site for details)!

Apr 2, 2003

Writing this from San Francisco, after the Flash Forward conference...

It was another great event, seeing old friends again, and met Macromedians John Dowdell and Greg Yachuk (both since the early Director days), and had lengthy discussions with the new Flash product managers and engineers.

My presentation went pretty well, wish there were more time to chat with other developers on geeky topics though...

Mar 25, 2003

I'm leaving early this morning for Flash Forward conference in San Francisco, speaking on OOP and Design Patterns in Flash application development. Afterwards, I'll be taking a few days off and should be back by April 3.

Mar 15, 2003

For attendees to my session on "Flash Remoting with CFCs and OO SSAS" at the MX North conference today, you can download the source files here. This is just a small selection of the presentation files: qwiRemoting.as library, and the OO SSAS files.

Mar 14, 2003

I was at the MX North conference today:

Jeremy Allaire presented on Internet 2.0 (Beta), an optimistic outlook of what the new opportunities are. Things he mentioned that stick: broadband, wireless, devices, micro payment ("Information wants to be almost free").

Branden Hall presented on Flashcom components and OOP ActionScript.

Ben Elmore presented on design patterns for ColdFusion - passionate guy on design patterns!

I'll be presenting tomorrow on Flash Remoting and CFCs and Object-Oriented SSAS, tips and tricks on reusing SSAS code, simplified approach to invoking services...etc.

Mar 9, 2003

Just finished two presentation sessions at the IBM Blue Horizon 2003 conference three days ago. Topics were: Flash Design & Rich Media Integration, and Flash Application Development. We covered some of the latest Flash designs, different uses of Flash, incorporating different media, using Flash as an application development tool, comparing traditional client-server communications using XML with Flash Remoting and ColdFusion Components, and a brief look at what is possible with the Flash Communication Server...

It was nice to see big corporations like IBM to embrace Flash, and the interests generated from traditional developers.

For attendees to my presentations, if you would like to get a copy of the presentation files (morning and/or afternoon sessions), please email me from your IBM email account.

Feb 6, 2003

Brand new redesigned Macromedia.com! Coded name Dylan 65 - first step towards an MX website, with new architecture and Flash UI.

Update: Oops, looks like they have just reverted back to the old site. Couple of other blogs such as Mike Chamber's are cover this...

Jan 24, 2003

Check out the new ColdFusion MX / HTML version of the Pet Market blueprint application. This version uses HTML/CFML only and illustrates some important concepts. One interesting comparison is:

"The full Pet Market application consists of fewer than 20 ColdFusion templates (CFML pages and CFCs) with a total of about 1,500 lines of code. To put that into perspective, the Microsoft .NET Pet Shop contains 3,484 lines and the Java Pet Store has a staggering 14,273 lines of code!"

Jan 22, 2003

Ian Chia just informed me about MXDU (MX Down Under - Macromedia DevCon Asia Pacific) conference in Sydney from February 19-20. If you're in Australia or the Asia Pacific area (well even if you're not), do check it out. The list of speakers is very extensive and it looks like a great conference; I personally would love to go to Australia and attend this conference (if not just to get away from -20 Celsius of this Great White North)!

New version of Screenweaver released, another useful tool for Flash developers.

Jan 21, 2003

My friend Jason Krogh has a new weblog!

Grant Skinner's gModeler released. This is an impressive application for UML modeling for ECMA-262 languages; it generates XML, HTML and Flash documentation, and ActionScript code! The FlashOS2 framework is also another impressive piece of work by Grant; I look forward to his presentation at the upcoming FlashInTheCan festival.

Dec 23, 2002

I'll be speaking at the next Flash Forward conference in San Francisco on Developing Applications with OOP and Design Patterns.

Updated the Books page.

Merry Christmas and a Peaceful and Happy New Year to all !

Dec 22, 2002

Just received Colin's ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide (second edition). Need I say more? Get one if you're doing anything with Flash! A must-have reference for ActionScript programming. Here's the book info at O'Reilly.

Nov 6, 2002

Just received my copy of Robert Penner's Programming Flash MX book today. This marks the second published book I technical edited (the first was Branden Hall and Samuel Wan's Object-Oriented Programming with ActionScript book). Having worked with my friends and authors since late last year, I'm fortunate enough to be part of these two great books; I highly recommend both of them as they compliment each other very well.

Also, look out for Colin Moock's ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, 2nd edition (coming in December). As a beta reader, I'm happy to say that this will be another classic. Colin has taken the time to make sure this is THE definitive guide for Flash MX, with detailed coverage of Flash MX's new features; it'll be my desktop reference for sure. You can read some sample chapters from here.

Jul 15, 2002

Got back from Flash Forward in New York City two days ago. Had a great time spending time with some familiar faces, and also meeting new ones.

On the 9th, I attended the Flash Communication Server launch party, and later met some members of the development team (Peter Ryce, Damian Burns and Edward Chan - all Canadians!)

Jul 9, 2002

Finally, the Flash Communication Server is released! I've been beta testing this for months and this is the most exciting piece of software so far. There's also a new DevCenter for it. For those heading to Flash Forward in New York City, there is a launch event tonight. I'll be flying there in a couple of hours...

Jul 4, 2002

I'll be heading over to Flash Forward in New York City next week. In the mean time, check out the upcoming Flash Communication Server.

May 27, 2002

Updated the page: Books on software development and OOP

May 23, 2002

Added demo: Listing the _global object and the page: Books on software development and OOP

Updated the page Different ways to inheritance.

May 14, 2002

Added another demo Text MovieClip Button Event Handling.

May 11, 2002

Added a simple demo of Listing the server-side CF object.

May 10, 2002

Updated the page Invoking a dynamic class method.

May 7, 2002

My presentation files for the CFNorth Conference (May 4-5) can be downloaded from here. You need a web server running ColdFusion MX, Flash Remoting, Flash MX, a camera and mic to fully experience the demonstrations. Otherwise, just check out the source code. 8-)

May 3, 2002

Updated the page static method and properties in ActionScript.

Apr 29, 2002

Labeled as "the largest event in Macromedia history", more MX products are announced today: ColdFusion MX (including Flash Remoting), Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, and Macromedia Studio MX.

Integrating Flash with ColdFusion (and webservices, .Net, J2EE, Java and WebSphere) is now much easier and more efficient with Flash Remoting. I'll be talking about Flash and ColdFusion at the CFNorth Conference this weekend.

Apr 27, 2002

Patrick Miko from Ultrashock invited me to become a moderator at the ActionScript MX forum.

Apr 14, 2002

The source file of the Flash in the Can OOP presentation can be found here. It includes a simple navigation component, and three ball class components to play with the camera and microphone in Flash MX.

I've only included the material covered during the presentation. The main screens are only included for demonstrating the navigation code; without the actual explanations they are probably not very useful. Other information such as inheritance (multi-level) are shown in the source code of the components.

Mar 30, 2002

Heading to San Francisco early tomorrow for the Flash Forward 2002 conference, back by April 8.

Mar 27, 2002

The Flash in the Can festival was a huge success! Kudos to Shawn Pucknell and everyone involved!

My OOP presentation ran for a second session because of the large number of people who couldn't get in for the original session. For those who attended my presentations, thank you! Comments and suggestions are welcomed! I'll be posting notes and files soon.

Mar 15, 2002

The brand new Flash MX and Flash MX player are now available!

Note that the ActiveX player version is 6,0,23,0 and Netscape plug-in is 6,0,21,0 if you intend to test for the minor version. The authoring environment is also 6,0,21,0.

Updated the page: Different ways to inheritance for MX.

Mar 4, 2002

Flash MX is announced and will be available on March 15!

I'll be talking about Object-Oriented Programming in Flash MX and other new MX programming features at the Flash in the Can festival on March 25-26 at the Design Exchange here in Toronto.

Jan 21, 2002

Although confirmed earlier, this is the official announcement for the two conferences where I'll be speaking:

FlashinTO Festival: Mar 25-26 at the Toronto Design Exchange.

Speakers so far include: Colin Moock, Robert Penner, Jason Krogh, Glen Rhodes, Phillip Torrone, Craig Swann, Tony Ke, Matt Newman, and Tim Goss. Updated (Jan 28): More speakers added: Todd Purgason, Brendan Dawes, and Pete Barr-Watson.

CFNorth Conference: May 4-5 at the Eaton Centre Marriott.

Speakers so far include: Jeremy Allaire, Ben Forta, Hal Helms, Michael Smith, Charles Arehart, Dave Watts, Raymond Camden, Mike Nimer, Kevin Towes, Byron Bignell, Bill Rogers, Robi Sen, John Cowie, Neil Giarrantana, Dave Horan, Mike Long, JME Maxwell, Brian Campbell, Shawn Pucknell, Dan Switzer, Cameron Childress, John Quarto-vonTivadar, and Edward Apostol.

More info to come...

Jan 10, 2002

Updated the article on different ways to inheritance in ActionScript.

Dec 1, 2001

Object.QWI is now simply called DAVE.

Nov 5, 2001

Just got back from Europe. Here are a few photos taken at the Flash Forward conference in Amsterdam. Colin Moock asked if I was in the audience and got me on stage to talk about object inheritance... thanks Colin! 8-)

Once again, the Flash Forward conference was a great resource for inspirational work and networking with other developers. It was particularly nice to meet some European developers such as Wouter Van den Broeck and Stuart Schoneveld.

Oct 8, 2001

Heading to Europe before going to Flash Forward Amsterdam from Oct 31-Nov 2.

Aug 26, 2001

Released the demo for simulating Java's super keyword, for invoking a superclass method in ActionScript.

Aug 21, 2001

Branden Hall released the first set of ACK! (ActionScript Component Kit), which he talked about at the Flash Forward 2001 New York conference (see below).

Aug 6, 2001

Just got back from Las Vegas (right after New York) and finally have some time to code again. Here are some photos from the Flash Forward 2001 conference in New York City. Branden Hall (of Fig Leaf Software) talked about High IQ Smart Clips, which are based on the Movie Clip Inheritance method I wrote about.

It was great to chat with developers such as (alphabetically) Mark Baltzegar, Mike Chambers, Manuel Clement, Kurt Dommermuth, Branden Hall, Allan Kennedy, Jason Krogh, Bart Marable, Colin Moock, Robert Penner, Phil Scot, Bhanu Sharma, Raymond Simmons, Glyn Thomas, Helen Triolo, Samuel Wan, and others.

Jul 9, 2001

I'm off to Flash Forward 2001 in New York City.

Jun 9, 2001

Updated the Flash Movie Clip Inheritance page with source code download.

May 22, 2001

Updated the Flash ActionScript Object Inheritance page with source code download.

Apr 24, 2001

Macromedia's Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio shipped today. Now with Flash 5 and the new 3D support!

Feb 19, 2001

Macromedia released Flash player for Pocket PCs!

Feb 15, 2001

Added a Flash 5 sound object to the Download area.

Jan 16, 2001

Macromedia to merge with Allaire... finally!


Jan 11, 2001

Happy New Millennium! Some minor updates to the site... but still no time for a full redesign (since 1995!)... A couple of area of this site really shouldn't be here, and I've got some ideas for the new site...

Dec 31, 2000

Looks like work has priority over the long overdue redesign of this site... may be next year!

Nov 5-8, 2000

I'll be at the Allaire Developers Conference in Washington D.C.

Jul 5, 2000

After the long weekend (here in Canada and the U.S.), this site has moved to a new server. Watch out for some major changes in the coming weeks!

Jan 27, 2000

The long lost TextCruncher Xtra has surfaced at UpdateStage!

Oct 16, 1999

Added the Digital Video & Imaging page. Check out some photos and panoramic images.

Jun 29, 1999

A step-by-step instruction to save and restore Director 7 (Windows) preferences is posted.

Jun 16, 1999

Version 2.00b1 of qwiScriptStyler released for public beta testing.

Jun 4, 1999

Mac version of the Funky Windows demo has been added. Now with code sample explaining how it is done.

A new Download page has been created.

Jun 2, 1999

Funky Windows demo added to show a new undocumented feature in Director 7.02 - irregular shape windows (movie in a window). An external 1-bit image is used for the outline of the window, so you can make your own images for different window shapes.

May 25, 1999

Macromedia UCON 99 started today. Director 7.02 patch is made available, Shockwave.com is also announced, as well as Flash 4.

The Director 7.02 update fixes many bugs - the qwiScriptStyler is now once again working as expected (make sure Auto Coloring under Script Preferences is turned off).

Apr 25, 1999

Since Feb 1999, some changes were made to the server hosting this web site without our knowledge and all forms submitted were never received (they simply disappeared into a binary black hole)! This problem has now been fixed; sorry for any inconvenience.

Jan 3, 1999

Added the Director Palette page on importing "Windows Systems" palette images into Director without color remapping.

Aug 23, 1998

Added search links to my tips and posts from the Direct-L archive at the Director page.

Aug 12, 1998

Version 1.20 of qwiScriptStyler is released! It now supports a customizable preference file.

Aug 9, 1998

Pages with submission forms have been updated to work with the new server.

Aug 2, 1998

The original site has been moved to this new server. Watch out for more updates in the near future!

Jan 23, 1998

Quantumwave Interactive announces the qwiScriptStyler Xtra for Director 6 Lingo programmers.

Jan 12, 1998

New Shockwave game "Flip'em" added at the Shockwave page.

Sep 23, 1997

Proud to announce 20,000 unique visits registered at my Shockwave Page today!

Aug 29, 1997

The "Fun Places" page (links to other sites) is no longer available.

Mar 19, 1997

New Director 5 Shockwave plug-ins available today for fixing security problems.

Mar 16, 1997

New demo of Netscape / Shockwave 5 security hole showing the ability to get the directory listing from a user's hard drive.

The preview Shockwave 6 beta plug-in eliminates the problem. Also watch out for a new Director 5 Shockwave plug-in anytime from Macromedia's site.

Mar 14, 1997

Demo of Netscape / Shockwave 5 security hole with new method.

Mar 4, 1997

Version 1.10 of the new demo of controlling Shockwave from JavaScript is now available.

Mar 1, 1997

New demo: this time JavaScript gets to control Shockwave in a simple game.

Feb 11, 1997

Updated the Shockwave / JavaScript demo page with new Readme and HTML source files for downloading.

Dec 1, 1996

To find out what your browser properties are, check out the browser properties page (requires JavaScript).

Nov 30, 1996

Shockwave on this site are now compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 (Mac & PC).

Nov 28, 1996

Check out my new Snowfall shockwave (contest entry for Direct-L) which YOU can control how the snow falls!

Or play the stripped-down version (at 640x480) with no background image or help screen! (Only 5K!)

Nov 9, 1996

Looks like there are about 360% more visitors come through the Shockwave page than my main page page!

The beta 1 of Internet Explorer 3.0 for Macs doesn't support JavaScript or VBScript!

Oct 27, 1996

Just added a pair of eyes to the Shockwave page (tiny Shockwave file at 1.8K)! You may copy it and use it at your site (credits or copyright notice appreciated). At this size, it's more fun than an animated GIF! Watch out (no pun intended) for another (new and improved) pair of eyes soon!

Oct 14, 1996

Standalone versions of the Shockwave games are no longer available. If you require them please email me instead.

Aug 16, 1996

Shockwave / JavaScript communication demo page featured at MediaNews and Director Web.

Aug 14, 1996 - Shockwave Developers:

Shockwave calls JavaScript functions and retrieves results back into Shockwave!

For demo and source files (Director 5 movie and JavaScript code), check out: Shockwave Developers

Aug 10, 1996 - Shockwave Developers:

Shockwave calling JavaScript!

This idea came to mind and I started to construct some tests to see if this would work. This is what I came up with: Shockwave calling JavaScript functions! No Xtra or XObject needed, just Lingo!

For a demo, check out this page: Shockwave Developers

May 11, 1996 - Julian Yang arrived!

A new member of the family - our soon-to-be edutainment software tester - arrived at 8lb. 3oz.!

Check out Julian's photo album!

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