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Funky Windows

Funky Window

What it is?

Funky Windows is a demo of an undocumented feature in Director 7.02 - irregular shape windows (movie in a window).

This demo imports an external 1-bit GIF image and use it as the outline of the window; you can make your own images for different window shapes. You do not need Director for this demo.

Here is the Readme (included in the download):

Funky MIAW - version 1.0

Funky.exe (Mac - Funky Window) the projector loads Miaw.dxr the window. The window shape is determined by a 1-bit GIF image (approximately 512x512 pixels) named "mask.gif" inside the "masks" folder. You can rename other sample images to "mask.gif" or make your own 1-bit bitmaps.

Drag the window slowly to move it around. Known issues: flickering and mis-registration will occur if the window is dragged too fast.

Control-click on the window loads the different window types documented in D7 Help.

Press Esc or Alt-F4 (Cmd-Q for Mac) to quit.

How does it work?

Basically, with a 1-bit cast member named "mask" in the main movie, and a MIAW named "miaw.dir", the following code will open (from projector only) the MIAW with the shape of the mask image:

win = window "miaw"
win.windowType = member "mask"
open win

Keep in mind that this is an undocumented feature; therefore, it is not supported by Macromedia and may not work in future releases.


Windows Projector (95/98/NT4) - Funky.zip (930K)

Mac Projector (PowerPC): Funky.sit (1MB)

Source file: FunkySource.zip (30K)

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