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Importing Windows System Palette images
into Director without color remapping

Importing "Windows palette" images into an 8-bit Windows palette Director movie often brings up the color remapping dialog box. The problem is when an image is saved in the standard "Windows System" palette (from Photoshop for example), the colors in the color table are reversed from the Director Windows palette.

Download this file and it'll save you some headaches. Here are the included files:

Director Win Palette.act - in Photoshop color table format
Director Win Palette.pal - same as above but in Microsoft Palette format
Director Win Palette.gif - Director Windows palette image in the above palette

All three files share the same "Director Windows" palette. Any image mapped to this palette and saved as any format other than PCT (PICT format) should be able to import into Director (for Windows) without bringing up the color remapping dialog box. Tests have been done with images saved as GIF, BMP, PNG, and TIF (Windows byte order).

Step by step instruction:

In Photoshop, convert an RGB image into Indexed Color mode, choose Custom for the color table, and Load this palette. Save or export the image as GIF, GIF89a, BMP, PNG, or TIF and import the image into Director for Windows.

In Fireworks, export an image and choose Custom palette, load this palette, and save as GIF, BMP or PNG. Director for Windows will import the image without remapping the colors.

This has been tested with Director 6.5 and 7 for Windows, images saved from Photoshop 4 & 5 (both Mac and Windows), and images exported from Fireworks 1.0. Test machines have QuickTime 2.12 and QuickTime 3.02 installed, running Windows 95 or 98.

Dave Yang - Quantumwave Interactive Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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