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Restoring Director 7 (Windows) Preferences


From Direct-L and other online Director discussion lists, it seems Director 7.0 & 7.02 do not keep the preference settings intact for many developers. My own experience have been frustrating to say the least: almost 75% of the time when I quit Director, the preferences are reset to default.

First, try not quitting Director by hitting Alt-F4. Instead, use the menu or the close box. If it doesn't work, try this:

Here's how to save and restore your preferences:

  1. Open Director, and change the preferences to the way you want

  2. Quit Director (if quitting Director has already reset your preferences to default, repeat step 1, reopen Director to make sure it is keeping your preferences before continuing the next step)

  3. Run RegEdit (from the Start menu, choose Run..., and type in RegEdit)

  4. Locate and select the key:


  5. Choose Export Registry file... from the Registry menu

  6. Under Export range, make sure the radio button for "Selected branch" is selected

  7. Type in a filename and save the registry

  8. If you're running Windows NT, you should also check and export another key:

    HKEY_USERS\<User Profile String>\Software\Macromedia\Director\7.0

    where <User Profile String> is a long string of characters and digits.

  9. If you found two keys as above under Windows NT, merge the two files into one:

    1. Open both exported files in a text editor

    2. In the first file, delete the first line (it should be REGEDIT4 if you're running the latest version), Select All, and Copy the whole file

    3. Paste it at the end of the second file and save the merged file

  10. Whenever Director looses the preferences, double-clicking on the saved registry file will restore the saved settings. (I place an alias of this file in the toolbar next to my Director 7 icon.)

Disclaimer: Be warned that this method involves messing with the registry; although I have not encountered any problem, you are adviced to use it at your own risk.

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