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qwiTimer (Flash 5)

A count down timer for pausing in ActionScript, with the option to call a function at the end of the delay.


Drag the qwiTimer movie clip from the library outside of the stage at a frame the timer is needed. Drag multiple copies of the movie clip if multiple timers are required (and name them differently). Call the "startTimer" method to start:

movieClipID.startTimer(sec, func, param)

This timer instance (name: movieClipID) will wait for "sec" seconds, and call the function "func" with the parameter "param". The parameter (if any) should be passed as an array and used as an array at the receiving function.

Check the status of the timer using the boolean property "timerActive":

if (movieClipID.timerActive) { ... }

See source code for more info...


1.0b2 - suggestions welcome.

Copyright © 2001 - Dave Yang / Quantumwave Interactive Inc.

Download .fla source file:

qwiTimer.zip or qwiTimer.sit

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