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Flash ActionScript OOP Articles, Tutorials & Resources

Note: This part of the site is for archive and external links purpose. For updated news and information on Flash and ActionScript development, visit the news section and Dave Yang's blog at swfoo.com.

In this section of the site, you'll find technical resources for Flash 5 & MX developers. Ultrashock released a series of Flash MX 2004 tutorials, including my ActionScript 2.0 tutorial.

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Object-Oriented Programming in ActionScript:

Inheritance in ActionScript (Flash 5)
An introduction to inheritance and ActionScript implementation.
Different implementations of inheritance and related issues (Flash 5 | MX)
Discuss the various implementations of inheritance in ActionScript, with related issues and solutions.
Virtual Movieclip Class (Flash 5 | MX)
Associate movieclip instances with a class.
Static (class) methods and variables (Flash 5 | MX)
The differences between class methods/properties and instance methods/properties.
Invoking a superclass method in ActionScript (Flash 5)
Implement a method to invoke a superclass (similar to MX's super keyword)
Invoking a dynamic class method (Flash MX)
How to invoke a class method with class and method data from a dynamic data source.
Books on software design and OOP (Flash 5 | MX)
Some of my favorites books on software development, OOP, UML, and design patterns.

Flash Remoting and Server-Side ActionScript in ColdFusion MX:

Invoking service with multiple responders (Flash MX)
Using qwiRemoting.as as a Flash Remoting facade, invoke a web service using different responders
Listing the server-side CF object (Flash MX)
Using SSAS to recursively list the CF object, and passing the data back to Flash using Flash Remoting.
CFNorth conference (May 2002) (Flash MX)
OOP and ColdFusion MX presentation source code, with Flash Remoting, camera and mic components.

Dave Yang's speaker notes and presentation source files:

Flash Forward San Francisco 2003 and Flash In The Can Festival 2003 (Flash MX)
OOP, Design Patterns and Application Development.
MX North Conference 2003 (Flash MX)
Flash Remoting with CFCs and OO SSAS.
Flash In The Can Festival (March 2002) (Flash MX)
OOP presentation source code, with camera & mic components.
CFNorth conference (May 2002) (Flash MX)
OOP and ColdFusion MX presentation source code, with Flash Remoting, camera and mic components.

Other projects:

FLEM - FLash Event Model (Flash 5)
Created by Branden Hall, revised and updated by me. Provides MX-style event model and broadcaster/listener functionality (aka Observer pattern). The latest version (1.28) can be found either at the official site, or here with the example files.
Using FLEM and _droptarget to detect the top-most movieclip (Flash 5)
Detecting the top-most movieclip using FLEM and _droptarget (hitTest() affects all overlapping movieclips).
DAVE - Dynamic ActionScript Virtual Engine (Flash 5)
Experimental framework for building applications in Flash 5.
Text movieclip button event handling (Flash MX)
Detecting mouse clicks on the whole movieclip made up of a textfield.
Listing the _global object (Flash MX)
Recursively loop through objects - in particular the _global object showing some interesting information.
Sound object with isBusy() function (Flash 5)
A function to detect if a sound is still playing (in Flash MX, use Sound.onSoundComplete event).
qwiTimer object (Flash 5)
A countdown timer with an optional function call.

Resources for Flash developers: http://www.swfoo.com/

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