Quantumwave Interactive Inc. is a new media studio specializing in creative mobile software development.

Our name comes from the duality nature of light as both particles and waves. Similarly both creative and technical expertise form the foundation of our work.

Since founded in 1993 by Dave Yang, we have provided software design and development for clients such as Adobe, AOL, Art Gallery of Ontario, Bank of Montreal, Disney, Google, Government of Canada, Kraft, NBA, Rogers Communications, SK Telesys, Verizon Wireless, YouTube and The Weather Channel.

Some of our projects include: Application / UI design and development for mobile phones, tablets and consumer electronics, digital TV and set-top box; business, games, education and entertainment software for the web, desktop, and devices.

We are based in Toronto, Canada but our clients are from all over the world. To contact us, please call +1-905-889-8526 or use the contact form.